Dump His Ass? yes or no?

I have been in a relationship with this guy for about a couple months now. Let me start this off by saying he is a good guy. I do have strong feelings for him and he does for me as well. But lately I have had an overwhelming urge to break up with him. We have been bickering soooo much lately largely on me and I just don't feel like we should be together most days. He has mentioned wanting to marry me and have kids with me on several occasions, but I just can't see marrying him sometimes. We want completely different things, we see two very different futures. I want to get the hell out of doge and leave my hometown without looking back he wants to stay and build a life. He is also an all talk kinda guy who keeps making me empty promises and he is not that good with money either. I have always had to be the responsible one when I was growing up with my siblings and I always wanted a guy to help me with that not give me more headache. I like a guy who is goofy and laughs with me but sometimes he is just to childish and doesn't take responsibility for things. I feel like if we continue on and get married he will drop the ball on me and I am already having a hard time financially. Like I said he is a good guy, he has mentioned wanting to work on his flaws for me but again he is full of empty promises so I am unsure. Should I be patient with him and see where it continues to go or should I just call it a day?


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  • I do not think you love him... please leave him and you will be much happier and he will find his compatible girl too the one who likes what he likes lol
    Watch your life first are YOU happy? No, then leave 💕


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  • You said it. You want different things so you’re not compatible

  • He is no longer what you want. Time to move on. you can't change who he is.


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