Deployed in Iraq... Am I being naive? Should I trust her word?

So me and my ex broke up about a week ago. I didn't like the way she talks down on my kids and I felt unappreciated. We both posted petty memes on FB and IG the first couple days. After a few days I told her all I wanted from my woman was 4 things: Respect me, Appreciate me, Parent our kids diligently, and be a positive light for me to turn to. Working in a dangerous area like Iraq... Lately I've been turning to God as a positive outlet. Instead of acknowledging the changes I've made she scolded me for liking some girls on IG. She would not acknowledge what I wanted in a woman. So I said ok let me find some dirt on her so we can cancel this out and get back to what's important. And little did I know, I found way more. She actually added a guy (Juvie) she was having sex with occasionally on a previous break up. So I confronted her about that and I said let's drop it and move on to what's most important. Parenting our children. Now rewind a little bit during the relationship. She claimed she unblocked me on IG. But IG was so say "malfunctioning" and we can't see each other. I took her word for that. Also, her best friend was messing around with Juvie's brother. But they didn't go around Juvie whatsoever. She was also occasionally going to Algiers our area we used to live in. To see a "doctor". Same area Juvie lives too. Fast forward to now. We are on somewhat good terms and she says that all of a sudden IG is allowing her to see me and follow me. The day before she said to me, I told her that if she shows me in person that I am not blocked and she can't search me then I will believe her on that. Next day, all of a sudden she can find me. I don't know what to think anymore. She said that it all seems coincidental and she agreed that it sounds bad. She swears on the kids and God that she did not mess with Juvie and she is not hiding anything. I don't have hard evidence but I feel like clues are in my face. Should I take her word or am I being dumb?


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  • Go with what you are feeling, if you feel bad then you know the answer.

    • That's just it. My heart says to give it a chance. My mind says to not ignore these signs.

    • Yesterday, I got a fortune cookie that said" Use your head, but live in your Heart". :) Hope that helps.

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  • would you rather go with your gut feelings or get hard evidence? That's a call you need to take. Either way I don't see any upside to this relationship.


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  • Sigh I can tell you a lot of these women are cheating on you. She will likely divorce you eventually. Military wives and girlfriends are well known to cheat on their partner. More than half of military men end divorcing their wives. The cheating wives initiate the divorce.
    Sounds fishy to me, I wouldn't trust her.

  • Dude that bitch is a slut and always will be. Respect yourself, she's not gonna do it for you


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