Get Your Friend/Girl-Friend Back?

Am a 3rd year college student. This girl I was with 7 months , I proposed. her and I knew she would say yes but then her roomate told her not to date me Cauz Then our friendship will get spoiled. Suddenly her crush messages her , and after sometime they get into a relationship. It's been 1.5 years , and I have that incompleteness type feeling in me towards her. I will do anything it takes from working on myself day and night to have something her one day. Just suggest me guys and girls , how to get her back.
PS: She doesn't even know why she likes her boyfriend, and am pretty sure am way better than her boyfriend in every aspect.


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  • If it is been a year-and-a-half already get ready because in the next 7 months it'll hit the 2-year mark and that's when relationships are made or broken. In the meantime since she is your friend you know everything that she looks for in a man. If those are goals that you want to work your way to then by all means go ahead and do it. However never ever ever sacrifice who you are for anyone else. We are born single and we die single and I'm sure that you wouldn't want that type of regret hanging over your head. If it turns that she doesn't like you or want to be in a relationship with you then the best way to get over a girl is with more girls and try to stay as far away from that girl as you possibly can. I hope this helps. Good luck.

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    • The stuff I found helped me the most was to workout, get dressed up real smooth and hit the club district with one of my best friends, have a few drinks and just totally chill. You'll feel much better I'm sure. Another thing that helped was to focus on work and on building my career.

    • Those two alone are full time jobs. Chill with family if you can and go to festivals and events. If you have enough time, pick a charity that speaks to you and put some work in on their behalf. Learn a new language or skill, paint, write, sculpt, create, whatever. And to be honest, everyone knows why they like someone Brother. If she's saying that she doesn't know why she likes the guy is because she feels uncomfortable talking to you about it. Nothing to get sore about. Imagine it was she who was in your position, would you have the heart to tell her? Think about why you wouldn't. So there's some caring whether it be romantic or sisterly will still have to be determined. You would kmow better than I Bro. It's that the time ain't right right now. Are you gonna sit around for another year and a half to figure it out? I hope that helps. Please keep me posted.

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