My ex showed interest and then... stopped?

He came back into my life and it was casual, but then he started flirting with me again, but a couple days later he went quiet and it was just casual again? I'm probably trying to make something out of nothing but I'm just confused


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  • He is messing with you. There is a reason he is Ur ex.


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  • What are the ways he flirted? What are the ways he was just casual?

    • Constant compliments about how I look and such, similarly to how when we were together
      And shortening his responses and instead of keeping the conversation going he was pretty much leaving me to keep it going if you get what I mean? It seemed he put less effort into the conversation after

    • I suggest moving on. It sounds like he likes the other girl or wants sex from her or something

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  • Did you ever flirt back?

    • I mean I thanked him for the nice things he was saying, and to some compliments I said it back but that was really it

    • Ah he's a bit tricky 😐 seems like he's trying to get back with in a relationship with you or get in your pants tbh. If your relationship ended on a bad note then I wouldn't risk going back to him, it usually gets too complicated

  • why are you still in contact with your ex, never a good idea

    • We weren't, but we came back into contact

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    • Probably not, but it's too late for that now. I just don't know why to make of the current situation - anything? I just don't know

    • he is messing with you

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