Does he even care?

I confronted him because he told a older friend of mine that I was at a stalkin mode and that either way he will still be nice too me.
He has been ignoring my messages on fb and what not acting distant. So I got feed up with it and confronted him and questioned. That day we got serious and talked about it he said "don't cry" and when I was standing next to him out of no where he initiated a hug. I told him I was going to leave him alone and that I deleted him from fb. He said "no you don't have to you can stil leave comments and tag me on things". Well that night I saw that he checked his msgs on fb from me and replied back.

So I don't know does he care or no? I'm confused.


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  • If he ignores you.. im sure you are not the first thing in mind. I personally think he dosent care. don't go running towards him. If he wants you , he will comeback or the end.

    • He ignores my msgs on fb. But when he sees me he always initiates the conversation or calls me by my nicknames. Like "little K" or "little Kimberly".

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    • First of all I don't know how this app works.. I just installed an hour before.
      I think to know what is going on in his mind.. You must wait.. As time goes you will come to know by his actions.
      I think he didn't made up his mind yet in this topic. Give him time to sort. till then do everything you can do. Then he will come up with an answer.

    • He also has this habit of telling to get sleep. He knows I hardly sleep, so one time before I left. He said "get home and get some rest you need to sleep". I understand friends care for friends but he shows like he cares way too much.

      That day when I confronted him he told me not to cry and when I was standing next too him unexpectedly he initiated a hug while rubbing my shoulders/back.

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