Confusing Social Media Behavior?

So this person I dated briefly last semester started randomly stalking me on Snapchat after not speaking to me for the entire summer. I didn't think much of it at first and figured he was just curious. But after viewing almost every single story for several weeks (without posting anything himself, I might add), I decided to text him just to see how he would respond. Not only did he ignore my message, but he actually deleted me off Snapchat the next day! I found it funny that he deleted me off that one specific platform (we're still connected on Facebook and Instagram) seeing as I rarely communicated with him on Snapchat even when we were on speaking terms.

Our breakup wasn't nasty by any means. He initiated it on the grounds that they didn't see it working out in the long run because we were "too different." (Not really true, but whatever ) I was definitely upset about it because I liked him a lot. But there were no fights or anything like that. In some ways, he acted like I broke up with them even thought it was the other way around. His behavior was often mixed. He would sporadically text me or like my pictures on Instagram but would suddenly start ignoring me again out of nowhere. Sometimes, he would also act really uncomfortable when he saw me in public, too, even though I made it very clear that I didn't have anything against him.

Thoughts? Is he playing games with me or is he confused or what?
Confusing Social Media Behavior?
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