Confusing Social Media Behavior?

So this person I dated briefly last semester started randomly stalking me on Snapchat after not speaking to me for the entire summer. I didn't think much of it at first and figured he was just curious. But after viewing almost every single story for several weeks (without posting anything himself, I might add), I decided to text him just to see how he would respond. Not only did he ignore my message, but he actually deleted me off Snapchat the next day! I found it funny that he deleted me off that one specific platform (we're still connected on Facebook and Instagram) seeing as I rarely communicated with him on Snapchat even when we were on speaking terms.

Our breakup wasn't nasty by any means. He initiated it on the grounds that they didn't see it working out in the long run because we were "too different." (Not really true, but whatever ) I was definitely upset about it because I liked him a lot. But there were no fights or anything like that. In some ways, he acted like I broke up with them even thought it was the other way around. His behavior was often mixed. He would sporadically text me or like my pictures on Instagram but would suddenly start ignoring me again out of nowhere. Sometimes, he would also act really uncomfortable when he saw me in public, too, even though I made it very clear that I didn't have anything against him.

Thoughts? Is he playing games with me or is he confused or what?


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  • I think he could be regretting his decision, or maybe he's just not sure how to handle seeing you / interacting with you now, as he knows he hurt you by deciding on the breakup.
    Even though there were no fights, breakups are super hard to get through and he probably had his own reasons at the time, but maybe they seem like less of reasonable reasons now, for what he did.

    I think he is healing and recovering from things. He probably still follows you because you are someone he cared about (and prob. still does) so it's maybe easier for him to keep you in his life that way, as opposed to constantly talking with you because he knows he messed up.
    Creeping your snapchat then suddenly deleting you is probably because you noticed what he was doing. Maybe he is feeling differently about things, or still wants to keep you in his life as someone to care about but not in a romantic way. It can be many reasons why he's acting the way he is, but give it time.
    If you're really curious, ask him straight out. Message him on facebook or somewhere else you still have his account, and let him know there's no hard feelings and you're not angry at him. Remind him that you are hurt by what he did, but let him know he is able and welcome to come back into your life if you're okay with it.

    And if not, if you want your space and don't want anything to do with him now, I'd suggest removing him from the accounts you have him on. That way it'll let him know you're not interested anymore, and you no longer want to keep in touch, contact or up to date with his life. This could also benefit you as well, and help you move on and heal a bit faster, not having to constantly be reminded of him when you go onto any of the sites you both share.

    I do want to also say that take time to think about this decision before hand. Make sure you're not angry or upset, and think it through with a clear head. It's hard to say if he's playing games or what he's attempting to do, but think of yourself and what you want now. Then let that message be shown to this guy, make it clear and make sure it's what you really want before hand.

    Best of luck to you!


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