He's angry at me, does that mean he still had feelings?

We live an hour away from each other so it can be hard to meet up, he broke up with me nearly 2 months ago. After a couple of weeks he was asking to be with me again, it took another week of talking to him but I agreed because it was going well. But he was distant, I hadn't seen him since our break up, I felt ignored so within days I told him I had made the wrong decision and ended it. Another few days passed, he's apologising again. Another week went by and he's asking to be with me again, I said no simply because of the lack of consistency, he would be so loving & attentive for a few days, and then would be distant and not contact me for days. Throughout this is kept asking if I was seeing anyone else, or asking about my feelings for him. So another couple of days went past, he said can we at least be friends he wants to keep me in his life, I said no because this was prolonging everything and I was getting hurt, I didn't want to be in his friend zone I wanted him to be consistent and us be together. I felt bad though and agreed a couple of days later and we got close again. My feelings were coming back, we were doing great, he asked me to be with him again, I told him to ask me in person and my answer will be yes, he wasn't here until another week but he said he will, he can't wait, we will last a lifetime.

Then I didn't hear from him again for three days. I text him, I had no response. So the next day I posted a picture with a guy who's my friend (had tried flirting with me and my ex knew this) but it didn't show his face and you couldn't tell who it was, it was just a funny picture. I got blocked from Instagram instantly, he called me a snake, he knows what I've done, my number got blocked, my Facebook messenger but not my Facebook profile and I haven't heard from him since.

Why did he act like this? He was playing games with me and being so loving one minute to ignoring me for days the next, did he genuinely have feelings to react so badly?


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