Why do people block their exes on social media if their ex leaves them alone already? Even if their ex initiated the break up?

If your ex leaves you alone then why go out your way to block their profile? I don't follow my ex nor vise versa but he blocked me. I don't know why.. any insight?


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  • The deal here is, when you breakup with a person (doesn’t matter who initiated the breakup), that means this person no longer wants to be with you. They carefully thought the pros and contras and weighed them out & decided that you weren’t good enough from them.

    I personally delete everything, erase them from the social media and everything, I am giving them exactly what they asked for a ‘breakup’.

    Some people aren’t content with just deleting, they want to do be done for good by blocking, so that’s what’s happening here & besides the ex’es always try to snoop on how the other ex is doing, so I think by blocking them is just a done deal, they don’t want to have anything to do with you.


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  • Just to make sure they can't contact back? Or to make sure theydon't bump into the ex for a certain amount of time, then once all the feelings and thoughts are completely gone, they will unblock because they just don't care at that point.


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  • Because they hide themselves from not accepting their mistakes, he must know what he did wrong to you

  • It's a precaution. They just don't want any future issues cropping up.


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