If you were trying to get back with your ex who still had feelings for you, what would be the reasons you'd back away or avoid them suddenly?

The break up was due to a bad timing in both of your lives. It's been over a year and now those issues has been worked out and you want to try again, this time intending to make it work.
  • Afraid it won't work out, cautious
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  • Still hurt from the break up, not ready
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  • Thinking about other people they've possibly been with during the break, annoyed
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  • Don't know how to actually reconcile, frustrated
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  • Remembering how you felt and the way they behaved when you broke up, angry
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  • Trying to keep some distance to not bother them, playing it smart
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  • Just want to be alone for a while/too busy with other things and don't want to have to think about other people
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  • broke up because the timing isn't right? what was the real reason behind the break up?

    • Yes. We hadn't been together too long when she had to relocate for some time due to a work project. We thought it'd be okay, we'll do long distance and visit each other during the weekends. But life got in the way. She injured herself pretty bad and couldn't travel. Most of her free time was spent in hospitals and therapists, she was tired all the time and had hard time keeping herself together. At the same time I was about to lose my job and had to do double shifts. And like that wasn't enough one of my parents died and I had to deal with all of that, the emotions, the hassle, everything. I thought it'd be better to call it off for the time being. Everything was just too much. It wasn't like I didn't want to be with her, but I had nothing left to give to her and I pulled away and wanted to get things back together before being able to devote to a relationship. So I left her.
      Now she's back, she's better, I'm better. I was hoping maybe she'd give it another chance.

    • I think you guys should give it a second chance when you both feel the same.

    • If she only takes me back! I have no idea what she thinks or what her thoughts are about the subject. The only thing I know is that she still cares about me and has feelings for me. But she might also be angry at me for the whole thing ( I didn't take the break up very well ), I don't know if I've messed up the whole thing by being insecure, needy and childish and acting selfish and controlling :(

  • I would not go back to an ex, an ex is an ex for a reason.

  • First option.


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