My ex doesn't want to be friends anymore? Advice?

My ex and I broke up in May and it has been an on and off type of friendship I guess if that's what you call it. He blocked my number and social media accounts several times throughout the summer only to unblock me a week later and we'd talk normally. He is one of my only friends but he's a jerk sometimes like when he tried to make me break up with my boyfriend and threaten to stop being friends if I didn't. This time he blocked me again a week ago and he hasn't unblocked me yet. I tried DMing him on multiple Instagram accounts and he blocked all of them. I even tried asking his friends to talk to him but most didn't even reply or only said "K." He's like one of my only two good friends. Apparently he's dating someone else now too. How can I talk to him again?


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  • He doesn't want to be in touch with you and is going through all this trouble to keep it that way. Hope you respect that.

    • But he's my like one of my only friends he can't just leave me behind like that.

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    • But he's one of my only friends that I ever trusted. Why could he do this to me? He knows I can't make friends due to my awkwardness.

    • He obviously doesn't care about you at this point. That's why he did what he did. Trust has been broken and you are now by urself. Crying over it isn't going to get him back.

  • Talk to him straight , better you know why he is hiding so much

  • You’re a fool for thinking you’ll stay friends

    • Well he's my only friend that I have. I am really socially awkward so I can't make friends.

    • Sure you can

    • I tried making a friend a month ago with this guy who's pretty popular. He didn't seem interested in the conversation at all as we were trying to get to know each other and he blatantly insulted my music taste. And when I asked if we could do Snapchat streaks he said "I don't do streaks" which is BS bc his Snapchat score is 100,000+. Yeah never will I try making friends again.

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