Me and my ex haven't talked in a month after bad breakup, I want to send a single rose or roses very week to her house, is it a good idea?

Me and my ex girlfriend was together for 3 years and lived together, but recently I had to move back home because of family problems, and about a month after being back she got mad about a kik app she thought I was using and cut me off for like a week then sent a text saying that she was so trying for being a bitch to me, but says later she completely cut me off and told me that she's in a new relatioship and that she really loved this new guy, I don't know what it is though because she was also complaining because after we moved away from living with each other she has now had to pick up two jobs, but even then she still does not talk to me and we were on the verge of getting married before we had to move away from each other, would all of our relatioship fade from her in a week or is she playing me, either way she still won't talk to me and I'm taking it really hard, see my pics still on her Facebook hurt me, I had her take them down after she told me about the new boyfriend out of anger and she refused at first she was angry about it and wouldn't to it, but I felt like if she has a new boyfriend it's disrespectful to him and me to still have our pics together on her Facebook if we're not together, but I did feel a little bad after and since then I've thought sending small bouquets of roses to her house every week to apologize


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  • Do it

    • Do you think she's playing me

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    • I know i kept getting missed answers from people saying that sending flowers every week shows that I'm a loser

    • bro you're not you're in love and you know you messed up and that's ok cause you learned from it now please fix it.

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  • It's a hard thing to go through my wife left and started dating a guy shortly after, by the way were still married. If you are willing to forgive and make it work then do it. Before you do you need to ask yourself some hard questions.

    • People around have told me that she's lying about a boyfriend, she just working two jobs

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    • I believe pictures or it didn't happen. I say you go for it bro!

    • I know when she said she had a boyfriend that's why I wanted the pics took down from Facebook of us,

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