Heartbreaking situation?

I had this two year on and off thing he has new girl but gets mad when I show cleavage on snap gets jealous over me dating a lot of stuff but has a girl I don't know what that means thigh


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  • If he has a new girlfriend he has no right whatsoever to get angry at you over anything...

    • So why you think he gets mad over me showing cleavage?

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    • Yeah just leave him be trust me.
      You'll find someone better :) you're still young.
      And he seems very immature

    • Yessss you think he would miss me if I just keep ignoring him?

  • he's not over you yet. he's got into that other relationship just to try and cope and maybe even make you jealous. Never know. But dont go back for him.

    • He always the first to watch my snap right so I been writing on snap I got a new boy I like out of no where he postes on snap in falling in love

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    • So boys can still miss their ex while in another relationship? So you think he trying to make me jealous with all those snaps saying he Inlove

    • In my opinion... Somewhere he may be trying to do that. Maybe thats what his coping mechanism is. He feels that by making you jealous , he can make you come back to him. That satisfies the male ego too. He won't have to bend down ( metaphor for asking you to come back with him ) to you.

      That relationship with another girl may not even be a true one for what you may know. He MAY have gotten into it just for the sake of making you jealous?

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