My ex cheated on me with my doppleganger?

So the title pretty much explains what happened. I don't really understand that behavior. This was about a month ago and I tried to get answers from my ex but he is just telling me more lies and did't answer my questions.

Back story - We were together for a year, I loved him fiercely! We met in North America where we both live, he is from South America and I am from Europe. He is 30 and I am 25. We were opposite, opposites that attracted. Now we don't speak.

So he met this girl online (don't know where online) and she is from the same country as me. I saw they became friends on social media and I questioned him about it casually because he never mentioned he met someone from my country. He lied about it, I knew he was lying but I tried to trust him and I had a lot of other stuff going on in my life at that time.

I went home for a vacation (1 week) and he became distant so I knew something was wrong. I came back and we went on a break because I asked him who he was seeing and asked to see his phone. He dubbed me as totally crazy and wouldn't show me his phone, denied everything. I foolishly believed him and took time to work on myself. In that time I see the girl posted pictures on social media of them together.

She is from my country, traveled to the same countries I have, she is the same age as me, has the same facial features as me. She's political like me. She is really close to being my doppleganger. He met up with her when I was on vacation and they quickly got together and are together now.

He assured me I never did anything wrong and that it was his fault and he is an asshole.
I just don't understand it... How can someone do that?

Anyobe out there have an opinion on this that can shed some light on it for me? I don't understand the thinking or the motives. I don't know if I should be flattered or angry? I'm angry really... I don' know how to get past this or if I can ever trust someone again because it took so much for me to trust him...


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  • He was trying to hold you down u till they found someone new. It sucks, I know. It's good to get that negativity out of Ur life.


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  • It won't happen again if you leave him maybe curiousity killed the cat


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