Have I been ghosted by my boyfriend? And what to do next?

Long story short my (bf) has broken up with me twice before for different reasons gone and done his own thing and then has come back to me and I've been stupid enough to take him back. First time he did it to my face, then by text and now after spending a week off together he has vanished. He had a bad day at work and I wasn't well by day two he hasn't asked me how I was so I made a sarcastic comment but nothing bad. Since then he was ignorant for a day or two and the last time I got was when I asked if he was feeling any better... "Na, not really. Just need some time alone x" I agreed as I assumed it was for a day or two but 3 weeks later and nothing, my stuff is still at his so it's very awkward. I've messaged him mum who said he hasn't said anything to her?

But now our mutual friends aren't even responding to my texts? How should I handle getting my stuff back? As this is the third time he's dropped me, do I walk i and walk out or do I confront him? Heartbroken again! What's a waste of time!

For the guys answers - I don't want to be walked over, what would make me appear as a strong women!

For the girls answers - Have you ever had anything like this happen, and what happened next?

Thanks Guys
Have I been ghosted by my boyfriend? And what to do next?
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