Does she want a relationship? to become boyfriend/girlfriend?

I've gone out on a few dates with this girl and I know she likes to take things really slow and not really label things. Anyways recently on our last dinner she kept mentioning that she thinks she's gonna end dying single and just joking about that and I'm not sure if that's like hinting at me to ask her for a relationship.

also she was talking to one of her supervisor's at work and we both work for the same company and anyways they started joking about her quitting and working at the store I work at. and she ended up joking about what if we ended up married one day and then she would move to my store. I know these are all just hypothetical situations and everything, but do all these references just mean she wants me to have that talk with her about where we stand. she's always saying we're just friends but that you never know what can happen. we enjoy spending time together but we're just taking it really slow. she also started asking me all these questions about what I would do if in different situations if I had a girlfriend. does this all mean anything and what should I do?


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  • when a girl starts talking about if you had a girlfriend and stuff like that, she is definately interested, probably hinting to you but your not responding yet.


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  • It's certainly a sign. She's probably poking into you in order to see if you are boyfriend material.


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