I need advice on my ex we have each other on snap he be trying to text me like stop fucking showing cleavage on snap he expresses him self angry?

How do you know when your ex boyfriend for 2 years making you jealous? And what's point of trying to make me jealous?


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  • If he wants to make u jeloaus is becouse
    a. He loves u
    b. He is a complete psycho
    c. it is his first break up
    d. He is not trying to make you jeloaus , it is just in ur head.

    • He does love me still right cause he doesn't want me showing cleavage to snap.. that same day he texted me he was with his girl earlier then texted me stop fucking showing cleavage what that mean?

    • Hmmm This is to complicated. probably u shall wait for other opinions becouse I can't help u with this.

  • This guy sounds ridiculous. I'm not sure he's someone you really want to keep in your life.


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