Should we break up? boyfriend says I'm way too good for him?

I always show him and tell him how much I love him. He doesn't put the same effort as I do to show how much he cares. We've talked about it but there hasn't been any improvements. Does he just not care?

Would you stay in the relationship if you were in my position?
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Case in point, if he doesn't put in effort in the relationship, then you can't really expect that relationship to float. It needs at least two people to work and you can't really carry it by yourself.

    Whether he cares or not is irrelevant if he doesn't show any action to improve your relationship. Do you deserve better? Yes, you do.


Most Helpful Girl

  • He may love or care about you, but not enough to put in the effort and make it work.

    If he isn't keen to do that, then move on. there's someone out there that will.


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What Guys Said 1

  • Do you act as a needie person most of time ?


What Girls Said 1

  • Break up


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