Late night conversations.. are they memorable?

Are late night conversations with a person you like never forgettable? I used to chat with a girl previous year. we used to have late night conversations everynight for 3 months. we're from different countries. never met personally. sadly, our friendship got ruined away by misunderstandings. now i miss her very badly. i can't do anything except reminding those wonderful days. Does this feeling happens same to the girl? to be honest we have had great times. i want those beautiful days again in my life. how do you manage yourself if you're in a situation like this?


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  • What country is she from?

    • Philippines

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    • Nationality matters?

    • Yeah. i think so. coz we're not adapted to western culture yet. it's escalating gradually. there's no such dating thing in india. high class people are into it though. very conservative. that's the reason many Indian guys don't understand western girls emotionally.

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