He left me hanging and it still hurts?

me and this guy liked each other. then he went on his vacation and was distant from me, so I texted him a few times just so he knew I cared about him, when he responded it'd be one word or wouldn't text me for a long time. Then he accused me of doing something, since I asked what was wrong if I had said something that offended him. Then he said good night beautiful. After that he didn't text me anymore. I work with him so I can't avoid him. He also walked by me last week, and had said hi and also said, I don't text you anymore huh. I do that on purpose. Then was like my phone was in my car trunk... I got angry when he told me that.So I thought fine, ill just leave him alone and give him space. Then he texted me " I miss talking to you", but I didn't respond back. I mean why cause more pain... It hurts me to see him and we both don't talk to each other or say anything. I only said, hi. That's all. Then when it was the end of the day he said bye. But he passed by me many times and never said anything, and also always flirts with me and DIDN'T even do that:/ I miss it. I really want to ask him if he hates my guts, or what's wrong. I mean I want to be friends I guess.. I asked my guy friend and he said to leave it be, guys don't care about those kinds of things... But it hurts me every time I see him, and I get mad at him : (


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  • You should just find a new guy now. Dwelling on the past will give you no benefit at all.


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