Why girls feel insecure ?

Love of my life , I've known her for four years.. I haven't seen anyone who is more beautiful than her.. I truly love her
We've had good and bad times we go so far from each other but we get close again
We had a long distance relationship at first but then we were able to meet each other several times..
The last time we met was the most beautiful time I have spent but after about 3 weeks she broke up with me :) she said she was insecure
I had plans I wanted to please her I wanted to marry her despite my complicated condition and our complicated tradition
I still love her I don't see anyone else , I have nothing but love and gratitude for her , but I need to know what's wrong with me and what happened to us?
I need to know why she felt this way , why was she insecure?


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  • cause we watvh movies and facebook we know what men are capable of. and there's so much bitter bitches out there who loves the challenge to steal someone out of anotjer girls arms


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