My ex has blocked me from everything after disagreement?

I've been blocked from Facebook messenger (not profiles we can still see each other's pages), Instagram, and my number. He broke up with me a couple of months ago and spent ever since trying to get me back. I wanted him back but things had to change, since we broke up he was inconsistent, one day he would be all over me and asking me to be with him, saying he loves and misses me, then he would go completely cold for a few days. He asked to be with me three times, and asked for friendship once, I would have been with him. It was a rollercoaster, I was emotionally drained I just wanted who he was when he was my boyfriend & I was only getting more hurt from this hot and cold act.

So there was this guy who was friends with my ex and they fell out once my ex realised the guy had tried flirting with me. So I bumped into this guy while I was out and took a selfie (you can't see his face or hair he's cropped out so just shoulders etc) and honestly I got angry after my ex asked me out and went cold again a few days ago and I posted the picture on my Facebook. Not an intimate or suggestive picture you can just tell he's a guy. My ex called me a snake and he knows what I've done now I'm blocked from everything.

I know I provoked him but I didn't expect this reaction. I think he knew who it was and has assumed I slept with him. I thought he was just playing games with his hot and cold act but did he really have feelings for me? Did he block me because he's hurt? Or jealous or what? He had the chance with me and he kept being inconsistent. What can I do?


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  • I dont think you should try anything. Just try to move on! Even if its hard :)


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  • Nothing it’s over

  • Get over him


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