Will we be forced to move?

My parents are getting a divorce, but my dad is the one leaving. It's just me, my mom, and my brothers. I'm almost 19, my older brother is 21, and my youngest brother is 7. Will me, my mom, and my brothers be forced by a judge to move? Our house is in my parent's names. We don't have any money at all to buy a house with. We're poor and we have nowhere to go.


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  • My parents recently got divorced and my dad moved but my mom kept the house. From what I can tell we won't have to move but both my big brothers had to get a job to help pay. My mom is now rather poor and can't afford as much as she could before. We rarely do much outside of the house now, but this whole thing has made me more grateful in the long run. At least i have a roof over my head.

  • I pray to god that everything would become good

  • How about getting a job and your older brother and help pay rent.


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