My boyfriend & I have been living tgthr for 3 years & we've kind of drifted apart lately & the rltp has gotten stale.. how do I know if it's time to break up?


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  • Usually if you live with someone you have to expect this sooner or later.

    Think about what attracted you most when you were first dating then talk to him ask questions say how you feel.
    You may find that flame you once had but eventually you end up back where you are now.
    Do what you think is best and commit to it, do not let him talk you out of it and never let him lure you back to him.
    He will know what he lost if you are worth everything to him.


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  • the honey moon stage of the relationship is over but it doesn't mean the end of the relationship.
    get the affection back into your relationship.
    make sure you do something fun together.
    go on dates.


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  • Just ask yourself one question, do you want to spend the rest of your life with him? If the answer is no then move on and find the person you want to with.

  • Try some time apart for some perspective, really works!


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