Is there anyway that you can fall out of love with a fwb? Please read the details as well?

So it's been awhile since me and my friends with benefits have had sex, due to problem's in the past. But it's like one minute, I'm telling myself to move on, and to let him go. And then the next, I'm missing him and wishing we wasn't so distance. Then other time's, I can care less for him, then sometimes my heart feels, so much love for him. And I been trying to deny for the longest that the fact that I have failed hard for this dude. And yes, I know most of it came, out if lust, and I am sure what I am feeling, it's not love. Maybe, just infatuated with him. But I know, that I am having a very hard time trying to walk away from him. Even when I do get away, it drives me crazy to want him back. But he has to much going on in his life rn, and I am, trying to get my life right and together. But ugh! and are friendship is ruined because of sex and problems we had. But all I just want to do, is move on and let him go for good. We both liked each other for a very long time, but we have also have hurted each other and trust has been broken. Sighs what do I do next to break free from him and this situation?
And also I noticed that when he gets online, I'll log off at time's, the when I get online he'll log off at time's. And we may not be attentionally doing that, but I noticed that it has been happening but that could just be me paying too much attention lol.


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  • Move on. Looks like you both need to get Ur lives back in order.

    • We do. And I'm trying everything to do, to let him go. Like when I don't think about how k much, I can care less for him yayy.

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    • Yes. Let it all go. Not moving on doesn't help as u stagnate. Stagnation is unhealthy.

    • Well thank you again!! :)

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  • Following for answers. Girl... I feel you. And it's sooooo hard when the sex is amazing too. Not just because of the sex but because of passion and the whole situation itself

    • Right and before the sex. There was already feelings there.

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