Is it wrong to choose to be alone?

I seem to pick really bad men that never treated me with care, it was always about them and ways they'd use me. Each time I gave my heart to someone it was thrown back in my face and I was laughed at, so I decided to stop giving and wrap my heart up to stop it being damaged further. I concentrate on other things like work and my friends. I have so much love inside that I'm to scared to give it to someone in case they hurt me. I'm not getting any younger and reserved my mind that I'll die never have found love. Some people find that amusing that I'm alone and comment on how lonely I must be, true it's lonely going to bed and waking up to silence but that's just a small price to pay to not be let down and disappointed again. Not all men are like my exes but it's a trap I fall into that I go for men who act exactly like my exes. It's like I want to fix them and it ends up me needed fixed after being hurt by doctors.

am I right to just be single?
Is it wrong to choose to be alone?
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