I need major help?

I met my ex boyfriend April 7, 2016 he's 20, we met when he was 19, I just turned 15 anyways we met in person not even knowing each other 24 hours, we met online. I of course snuck out, he didn't want sex or even kisses. Isn't that weird? Anyways we fell in love. He would drive over an hour to see me almost every weekend, would a guy do that just for sex? He treated me good at first.. once dropped plans with his boys to see me because I was upset. He'd stay on the phone for 8 hours with no sleep then go to work. Then he started drinking and doing drugs again. He lost his house and his car. One time he asked if I could get him a ride to me because he was in a very bad place? I couldn't though. It turned out he did a sexual rp with his ex (she still loves him) to pretend to be interested in her so she'd send $50, which she did. He got food and stayed with a friend. I found out by going through his phone weeks later. Well going through his phone I also found a conversation with his mom talking about he thought she was the one and his mom told him to bring her over for dinner, obviously he could never bring me over for dinner since I'm so much younger. When I confronted him he said it was about me, but I don't know? For a while all of his friends knew he was dating me, but not my age. Honestly I wasn't very nice to him... I was on 100mg Zoloft it made me very aggressive, I wanted to yell or make him jealous/mad. So after we broke up he disappeared for a week and came back with a new girl. He tried to stay friends with me even though that hurt me. We ended up not talking but then he messaged me on FB saying "you unblocked me?" Obviously I did or he couldn't message me. Then I accidentally sent him a friend request cuz I unadded him then he says don't even try that, I ruined us ever being friends. Honestly all my friends and family hate him, never having met him. I'm starting to think his new girlfriend was the one he was talking about with his mom? Pm me for more please.


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  • Oh bless you, seems you've been through it before even reaching 18.. I would say personally stay clear, move on..

    You're obviously unique and trusting from that relationship may be a problem but with good friends around you, you'll be over him and on your way to a new relationship in no time


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  • You just move on. There is nothing to help with in regards to the relationship, he’s moved on and you need to as well. It wasn’t the right time for you, the age difference is far too much and you have your own issues to work on

    • This woman speaks the truth.

    • I can't help but think this entire time everything was a lie... That I wasn't the only one. It took him a week to move on after a year.

    • Younger people tend to mend faster on everything. Now if you were only or not, i can't say.

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  • I think you need to grow up.


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  • It sounds he moved on and he had the other girl, his ex, the whole time. He probably enjoyed his time with you though. I advise you to move on and forget about him. Yes, the age gap was too big.


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