Should I contact my ex?

My ex broke up with me out of no where, like about two months ago. He gave me a million different reason, but would never give me an actual answer. He then started acting really angry, and distant towards me, and started pushing me away by acting like a jerk, and trying to get me to hate him. Why I don't know. Anyways, when we finally DID break up (I kept trying to work it out because again it was sudden). I kept trying to talk to him, and he kept avoiding me, answering me every now and then. So I got upset because for 4 weeks he kept playing with my emotions telling me one thing and then another. So I deleted him off my facebook, and deleted every kind of contact I had with him. Ever since then we haven't talked to each other at all. And, I miss him like crazy, and I also have so many things that I want to say to him, since I found out the real reason why he broke up with me. This is the second time he broke up with me, the last time we talked to each other everyday, and ended up getting back together because he realized he made a mistake. I don't think we would end up getting back together again, giving the current circumstances. But I would like to at least tell him how I feel, and if we can be friends then great if not oh well. I was hoping the NC rule will get him to miss me, but it looks like he doesn't. I know this is very long, and I'm sorry. I was wondering is a month long enough for the NC rule?


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  • Do you really want to talk to somebody who DOESNT want to talk to you? I know it sucks but it doesn't make sense to want somebody who doesn't want you. I understand that you miss him like crazy but realize your wasting your time by wanting him even tho he doesn't feel the same. Here is a trick that I learned years ago...if you want somebody to miss them that your happy and you are living it up. That will get to always works. I wouldn't contact him. If he left you, let him come back to you. Be him that your happy in life(even if you have to fake it) and then wait it out. Good things happen to those who wait. You will be fine and remember, 'they always come back'. Take care!


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  • What's the NC rule? No Communication?

    You did everything you could to reach this person and try to work things out. He obviously didn't want to work things out. In order to work things out, both persons have to be at the table.

    I'm very sorry that you are going through this. We all go through it at some points...both genders. All I can tell you is the only thing you CAN do...hang tight, let time pass, and get through it.

    Distractions are good. Go out and meet other guys. Go out, wear something nice, and attract. It might help.

    But yeah I know, you want him bad, he is gone, and it sucks. You'll be okay


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  • I've learnt this many a time - if a guy avoids contact, he feels the split is final. if a guy continues to talk to you, answer your messages, or calls you, he still feels something.

    its sounds like it is definetely over. Iwould stop thinking of ways to get him back and focus on ways to get over him.

  • I wouldn't contact him, don't give him the satisfaction of knowing that you want to talk to him. I think that you should wait until he tries to contact you or something like that, and if he doesn't, you should move on. I know it's easier said then done, but everyone has had this type of situation. No worries.

    • Agree........let hime do the contact not you. The guilt lies have done nothing wrong!

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