How long do need to stay out of contact with my ex?

Basically me and my ex had a big fallout on September 21. And we were up in Ohio at a friends house. Well I stayed at the friends house till Saturday and he went back to Florida with his aunt. On Saturday after morning I left and went back to my home state. And noticed that I had some of his laundry in my basket (because at the time before leaving my home state, we were still together, but broke up when we went to Ohio.) So I ended up sending it to his aunts house. And I still had stuff down there. But didn't have his aunts number. So I contacted his grandma to tell her that his aunt and her sister can get rid of my stuff. Because I didn't want him to have to see it. And basically I have kept out of contact with him for 7 days. Would it be best to not contact him after 30 days? How long should I go. I'm moving on and stuff. But I don't want to be rude and whatever else. What is your all's opinion?


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  • An ex is an ex. Let him go. Move on, as you are doing. There are no reasons for either of you to contact the other.


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