Should I take him back?

OK so my ex cheated on me with his ex and then dumped me for his ex, as she said she still had feelings for him. However he's ended that and today he came round my house with flowers asking if we could get back together. My heart wants to and I know I'll be a ble to forgive and trust him, but I don't know if its sensible to do this... we broke up like 2 weeks ago.


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  • No.

    IF you really must, then definitely not so fast and easy. make him earn it and prove to you that he deserves you.

    This guy has broken your trust.

    Don't please get involved with him and then begin reparing that broken trust. Bad idea. Wait a little while, at the very least.

    It's his responsibility to earn your trust, not yours. Don't make it so easy for him. Because you're gonna make it harder for yourself in the longer term. Make sure you know what your getting yourself into with this guy before you make any decisions.

    I know its difficult, but stand your ground.

  • He left you for her? Than it's not worth it. What will change this time for him not to do it again? I was almost in the same situation as you are in, and if he cheated, than he's not worth it at all. You can find such a better guy that won't cheat, won't hurt you, won't dump you for an ex, and just be able to forgive and trust him easy.

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