Messaged him, no answer. Move on?

So I'm pretty sure what the answer will be but I want input just in case haha.

I've been with this guy all summer, and we just 'ended' things because I left the beach.

We've been talking and well he went out with another girl the other night. I told him it was fine.

Then last night I got pretty drunk and ended up messaging him telling him that I was upset about the whole thing etc.

I know he's been online and seen the message.. He didn't answer it. And hasn't been back online since then. He normally goes on to talk to me but at the normal time he wasn't on.

Should I just take that as a sign that it's 'over' and forget about him?

He's been calling me his girlfriend and still called me his girlfriend even though he went out with the other girl. Think of it as an open relationship type thing...
Hah I also tried to remove the messages this morning (it was on skype) but he had been online so I couldn't. I hadn't planned on telling him anything about it haha.


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  • Wow, you must really like him to act this clingy.

    Not everyone has the time to go online and chat.

    Wait a few days, and even a week. If he doesn't contact you in some way, then move on.

    • You are pretty attractive so you don't have much to worry about.

    • Haha I know I'm acting clingy.. It definitely wasn't on purpose and I tried to get rid of the messages before he saw them but he got online before I had a chance to. LAST thing I want is to be clingy like this.. I hate this sh*t hah.

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  • just one answer: get rid of him. if he has a girlfriend then why he still hang out with other girl WTF...once he like the other girl he probably will dump u, so better you do it first.


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  • that guy is right you are beutiful don't worry give him time what I don't get are you in a long distance relationship

    • Thank you. :)

      And we're sort of? Not exactly long distance... But we still have feelings for each other. It's nothing official at all.. I guess an open relationship?

    • What my point is you are not in the same city so you can't babysit him and waist your energy worring about it I know its hard but its beyond you don't take his crap if he is dating other girls then its over you deserve better he is a looser, don't take this crap "open relationship" if so then you let him know you are on a date with s/one as well

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