Both, how does it feel after a breakup?

how do you feel?

if your the dumper how do you feel?

girls, how do you feel?

whats in your mind?

true love goes away?


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  • i never dump unless its like a legit reason, but if she dumps me I feel like I need her more then anything at that moment. if I'm the dumper I would feel bad but I wuoldnt try to get back together, and if she dumps me which she did and its bee like a year and I'm still crazyy about her, weird huh?

    • Dang! That's crazy. :/ I have a boyfriend right now, but he doesn't act like a boyfriend. I miss my ex like crazy. I don't know how he feels or anything. I was his first everything kiss makeout yeah everything. We are each others first love, but now we don't talk. He says he's over me but he didn't wanna be friends. We dated for 13 months and I feel like sh*t like when we first broke up :( I'm so attempted to tlk to him :(

    • I don't wanna break your hopes but if he dumped you then I dnt think he's gna take you bak but if you would have dumped him he most likely would have came back. And yea thanks I know yo its so crazy

    • Mm, it's been awhile since we tlked. He tlks to my cousin but he can't tlk to me:/ like last week he messages me a retarted bag that he wants. Like he gve it to me or something like that :p but it's been 4 months since we broke up and 3 months since we tlked :/ so I don't know what's he thinking

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  • Wen I split up wiv ma ex I felt lyk I wz missin sumthin, I would alwayz check my phone for eni msgz or mis calz,wen he wz onlyn on MSN I was temted 2 talk to him but I had to accept the fact that it was over.. Kinda depresing ay? I promisd myself neva 2 have a boyfriend because the pain of losing 1 is unbearable but 2 months later I got back on track and felt lovd again.. Hahaha..!

    • I miss my ex, but I have a boyfriend :( he dumped me and I was HIS FORST EVERYTHING. can you believe that?;/

  • i feel horrible. I dumped one of my exs for another guy. I got home, cried for half hour and then felt better. still friendz wif this ex of mine. so all is good


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