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How can you get over cheating?


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  • find someone else

    • So of he cheated on me long time ago and I just discovered it... There's no way back?

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    • You will be ok
      Even If it does not work out with you both
      Good luck and keep your head up

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  • Well.. your options are:
    -talk about it with your partner. See if it was a 'mistake' on their end and if they do genuinely wish to be with you or not.
    -open the relationship (never done it myself or heard about others doing that but.. in a purely hypothetical sense, I guess it would be an option?)
    -end things.

    In terms of 'getting over' it as in not letting it lurk in the back of your mind- that's not possible for most. The hurt will always be there. Over time and attempts being made to actually find closure of some sort with your partner, if they're still around, will make the thoughts weaker and less and less prevalent but I'd imagine that they'll always be there.


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  • leave your partner


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