Why won't my guy friend let me take a picture of him when we are alone?

Well this guy that I like, at the time he didn't know I liked him. Anyways he asked me to the fireworks and I said yes. So when I tried to take a pic of him with my cell phone he kept looking away and saying "I don't take pictures" stuff like that. He said, you know I don't like pics. Yet on facebook I saw him smiling at the camera in pictures... What does that mean? Well does it mean anything? thanks!


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  • - Maybe he doesn't want a pic with you that he knows will end up on facebook or something and will be interpreted as Boyfriend girlfriend pics.

    - maybe he has his eye on someone else and doesn't want her thinking he is taken

    - maybe he has other pics taken of him when he was drunk and smiling not necessarily in a rational state of mind.

    - My suggestion is - ASK HIM

  • Well, if you looked like Clark Gable, you'd be camera shy too. Everyone who speaks to him will start with "Frankly my dear ..."

    • What do you mean? I'm not talking about clark gable or his line from gone with the wind. lol

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