Leave him or should I stay?

my boyfriend of two years he ”doesnt know what he wants” but he “doesnt want to leave me” the only time we have quality time together is when he wants to have sex. i told him i think he's using me for sex, he got really upset and asked why i would say that. in August he blocked me on everything and disappeared for a week (he disappeared on our anniversary.. he didn't tell me happy anniversary or anything. i got him expensive gifts and he didn't even say anything to me 😂) right when he can tell im fed up with getting no affection or attention he starts to get really lovey. once someone told me “you deserve a boyfriend that treats you right” he overheard that and the day after he bought me roses and treated me good but after a few hours then it was back to treating me like he doesn't care. i really do love him.. but i feel like im the only one ever putting effort into the relationship. i also forgot to mention that over the summer we broke up and i “cheated” on him (nothing serious.. a boy touched me but i stopped him quickly) i asked my boyfriend if i didn't do that.. would our relationship be different... he said “probably”.. i regret doing that everyday. what should i do 😭?


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