Does he still love me?

so me and my ex are friends he has a new girlfriend he taking her out to the movies but the thing is he told me he only gonna take her out and dump her. he said he only wanted a break from me and him then he will come back to me should I move on and I do like this guy he fine like omg he really cute and he been there for me when I was upset how can I move on and how can I talk to my crush like what to say to him.


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  • I'd say that if he dumps her then get back with him coz i did the same as him with my fiance, she moved on and it completely destroyed me, i dont even want people sayin her name near me its that bad and i wanted to do a stupud thing that I've never wanted to do before. Dont put him through that, only if you still love him that is

    • now my ex following all his ex's including me on Instagram what does this mean

    • Might be seeing whos available and whos not, if you want him back, try to stand out from the rest of them or you could do the most simple thing which is to just message him and see what happens

  • If your ex was capable to dump a person so easly just because he couldn't take a solo break or what so ever that means he's worthless to come back to him.

  • If two EXs stayed as friends, this means one of two things, they either never loved each other, or are still in love. Period.


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