My boyfriend is wanting to break up cuz I make him too soft (feelings wise)?

We've been dating for about 5 months. Before he met me all he did was work nonstop. Didn't stop for really anything. We clicked instantly everything in common. He said he fell in love with me first, I held off to know everything was real. It had been going really good. We had a few small fights, more like disagreements. Solved those and moved on. He got super busy with work, and we had been talking whenever we could. I hadn't heard from him, which usually means he's just swamped with work. I called him to make sure he was still alive. The next day he called me and said that he's not good for me. That he wasn't getting work done fast enough. That he became soft and was seeing his daughter more and his brothers. I'm so confused by this, he says he still loves me and that he'll always be here for me. As long as I allow it. Can someone help enlighten this for me?


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  • He is feeling like guilty. Talk to him. Cheer him up. He is a nice guy.

    • Before this came around he was telling me that I don't deserve this. That I don't see him cause he's working so much. Which I explained to him that we could make that work, if that's how his job is gonna be. I don't want to abandon him. He is fighting his urge to start drinking again, but I also don't want to push back too hard at him

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  • Sounds like he's cheating tbh


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