I want to send flowers animously to my exes house for her sister, maybe make it like a weekly thing, an I wrong?

My ex has treated me like shit ever since she got it in her head that I have another woman because of kik being on my phone I had that app for all of 10mins after deleting it, but I guess she got a notification saying that I was on there because after a day or so of me deleting it I got a text from my ex saying it's over i cried like wtf are you talking about she said that I had other bitches because of kik, so I redownloaded it to see and there it was a message from my ex saying that she's lucky I have other woman, I was fucking crushed that shit hurt, but after that she blocked my calls, texts everything even snapchat and kik, but she did unblock just to send a message saying that she has new boyfriend a week later and that she is in love with him, I cried like crazy but who well, she blocked me again we haven't talked or I haven't heard anything from her for a month now. I checked her Facebook which I know everybody will say it's none of my business but she took down all of my pics after I had to make her do it because she told me she had a new boyfriend so why have our pics together on Facebook right, she has no pics of this new man which is odd because she always made sure we had pics on Facebook she always took pics, but I guess she's doing things differently with him because as he has no pics of him and her relationship status still says single, she just posted on there that she found a second job though and that she's working a lot now, but don't get me wrong I still love her with all my heart just feel like she's dragging me through the mud


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  • Bro. She's your ex

    Stop thinking about her

    Move on.


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