Is it possible to get out of the friend zone?

My ex wants to be friends but I want more. I'm just accepting being friends for now hoping for more.


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  • why do you want to get back with someone who (it just sounds like she dumped you) regected you?

    I dont want to change your opinion but at this point you need to recognise whether the reasons for the break can be changed, or are they just incompatability. its obviouse that there has to be some reason, so would you be happy if that was to happen again, or is it just the lonelyness that you are afraid of (doesnt have to be though). because lonelyness isn't a reason, if someone like your ex was to come along (like almost identical mentally and physically) just not her, who would you choose and why?


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  • "Friends" lol. You two will be fucking in no time. I'll join you guys too

  • Yes though its that hope that's keeping you there. You gotta be willing to lose what you have.

    • I'm trying my best to not get my hopes up. I want to be happy just being friends because i like talking to her

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    • The thing is if other girls see you hanging out with a girl chances are they won't think your a creeper.

    • Yea that's a good point too. Probably won't have the chance to see her for a couple weeks but maybe try it then

  • It doesn't really exist i fucked a lot of friends


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