Should I go for it? or Should I let it go?

I met this guy at a game in my school, we never met before or anything so basically , we're both strangers. We started talking because he was interested with the game and I am too. It was really fun because we both knew what we were talking about . He's really nice , cute , mature and sweet even though we only spent like 2 hours together . He graduated from my high school just this year . After the volleyball game , he asked me to go "pepper" with him . Peppering means playing-practicing vball . We had loads of fun . When I was about to leave , I said goodbye to him , thanked him for the great time I had and left the gym . When I was right at the bottom of the stairs , he called out my name so I stopped . He told me his full name , when he actually graduated , and gave me his phone number . Should I go for it or should I just let it go? & what do you people think about him , like , is he a nice guy , etc. ?


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  • it never hurts to make friends...the best love is your best friend assuming you play your cards right


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