What date to say you're divorced?

I'm curious to see what guys think of dating a girl who's been divorced, and when you would want to be told. Does it matter to you if she's been married before?
Let me know which date you'd want to know she was previously married, or if you'd date her.
  • Before our first date
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  • First Date-Third Date
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  • After third date
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  • When we become boyfriend & girlfriend
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  • If we mention marriage
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  • I'm not sure I'd date a girl who's been divorced
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  • I'd rather not date a girl who's been divorced
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What Guys Said 1

  • Marriages don't last like they did, and that's it at it's most simple. My mum got married at 19, had me at 20 and left and divorced my dad at 21.
    I'm the only positive thing to come out of the marriage and that says a lot, I do shamelessly declare


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