My mother gave me away and now she acts like she cares?

My mother gave me and my younger brother up for adoption at 4 years old. And didn’t keep contact with us for years, now that I’m older she tries to be in my life but I can’t shake the feeling that she doesn’t actually care for me. When she’s angry she doesn’t think straight and is so cruel. Should I just leave her alone?


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  • Do what you want to do. We have a saying here in Albania "Ask 100 people and in the end do what you wanted to do from the start"

    P. S
    In Albanian it rhymes and is way shorter


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  • I know EXACTLY how you feel! She would be blacked out drunk and randomly call me to curse me out for literally no reason. I eventually had to remove her from my life. The only reason she even wanted to know me, was to have someone to take care of her in her elder years. She volunteered this information to me... I've got my real parents, the ones who actually raised me to think about.

    Just remember that she gave you away because she knew she couldn't raise you. She gave away any rights to you, and any obligation you might have ever had to her.

    • My mother never treated me in such a way. Since I’ve known her she’s done nothing but try to help me. Given me a place to stay when I had no where to go - taken me back after I’ve done wrong. Fuel my crazy pipe dreams. There’s just always a slight fear that she will get angry and reject me

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    • I was 20 years old

    • Your profile says you're 20 now.

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  • I'm sure.. She'll have her reasons

  • Leave her alone... she might hurt you


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