Honest Opinion on exs behaviour?

Just over a month ago my fiance called off our wedding. He has been cold and angry towards me which i understand. At first both him and his parents wanted everything to be dealt with
Asap. The last few weeks i feel he has been delaying splitting our assests and has sent me rude and angry texts stating he is a
Victim and i am stealing from him as i will
Not give him our house we bought together. His cousin who is younger and taking him out has contacted my friends by sending photos of them out with girls so that it can get back to me. I find all of this really immature and unneccassary especially since he wants nothing to do with me. He has also been bringing old photos of us from his parents hm to our hm and placing it in odd places so i can know he put it there. I do not know what to think , please give your honest thoughts as i am unsure what his thinking or if
he truley wants to move on n have nothing to
Do with me.


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  • They're being childish, don't give them satisfaction by reacting to their behavior. Get away from this person asap and keep the damn house, it's not like you can split it.


What Girls Said 1

  • He's probably finding any way he can to hurt you right now. Reminding you of what you two had by places pictures around the house. Trying to make you jealous to get a reaction out of you. Probably to see if you still care or not.

    I would def. Not give him any time of day that is more than necessary. If it comes down to it I would change your number too. Sounds like your ex isn't very mature.

    • Thank you, i have no reacted to any of his attempts i am just being civil until our assests r split. I guess it just confusing and hurtful that someone can change on you so fast.

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