Ex boyfriend liked my post. What does that mean?

I've been no contact with my ex almost a month and last night he liked my FB post which wasn't even about him or anything related to our relationship but a random post for another person. I was surprised because I hadn't heard from him for about 3+ weeks at all other than he posted some sad love things for me which I totally ignored and never liked. And now I got this.
What do you think it could mean?


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  • He will do definitely but that would be his last step when he founds that no other tricks work.. So basically it takes months

    • So I should just wait until he finally directly contacts me? It's been a little less than a month today

  • Yes, why is he your ex? Did he play around, or cheat on you, or just tell lies. He maybe looking for something he misses or maybe just wants to play head games

    • Oh we had a long history of our relationship but the last thing was that I left him because he claimed he wasn't in love anymore and wanted us to be friends yet said I was more than a friend and less than a girlfriend, in between. So I left and said not to contact me unless his feelings change.
      And I never once contacted him and it's been a month. But he posts things for me on his FB page which I totally ignore and last night he liked my post. So does that mean his feelings have changed or is it just games?

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    • Yes, but it will hurt his ego to admit his flaws. The guy is feckless just put him behind you

    • Okay I get that but do you think his ego isn't going to preven him from directly contacting me?
      I know for him to like my post is already a big step forward but if he realizes it doesn't work do you think he will step on his ego and take another step?

What Girls Said 1

  • He's thinking of you and now trying directly to get your attention.
    He posted the things before which you ignored and so liking a post will obviously be noticed by you. Its a direct attempt at initiating something, talking, messaging, etc.

    • Thank you so much for your reply. When we broke up I asked him to not contact me unless his feelings change ( he claimed he wasn't in love anymore and wanted us to be friends but said I was more than a friend to him and less than a girlfriend, in between ). Do you think it could mean that he reconsidered and wants to get back together with me?

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    • @aksh62 I just sent you a message

    • Wait let me see

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