He's been getting with someone else?

I have been on and off with my ex for ages. We recently started hooking up again, and I stressed how there were to be no feelings and I didn't like him in that way (despite him telling me he fancied me - but not loved). I've told him I don't want to speak to him and that he should move on and it's fine for him to be with other people.

Recently I found out (from a semi reliable source so details aren't 100% true) that he's speaking to a girl that he previously did after I moved on with someone else. Basically the rebound. The details went from he apparently saying that my ex was getting with her and meeting up etc to they haven't met up they have just been speaking and we're getting together at the party on Saturday and arranging to meet up. This was all done/said high and drunk.

I know it's obvious I'm going to stop messaging him. But what do you think about this situation? I did tell him I didn't have feelings and to move on and it's fine he's getting with other people. Do you think I'm in the wrong or him? Why do you think he's acting like this? Guys especially!!!
He's been getting with someone else?
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