How do I respond?

I broke up with this guy a couple weeks ago after we had been dating for about 4 months and seemed to be going nowhere.

I basically said that the relationship was really confusing for me and that I wanted something with more consistency. He finally replied recently and said that, “ He’s sorry if he hurt me and that he waited so long to reply. He was also sorry if I thought I used him. He said that he should have initiated a conversation before his 2 week long trip (where we didn’t talk at all during his time away). He said that I’m super cool, but he says he thinks maybe it was him that wasn’t ready for commitment.”

I kind of wanted to see if there was any chance we could try things again, but it doesn’t seem like that’s a possibility now. Now I just don’t know how to respond, or if I should respond?


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  • Seems suspicious to me. I wouldn't put much into that

    • What seems suspicious? I’m curious.

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    • Lol The trip was to Mexico with a bunch of his family & to celebrate his mom’s birthday. But I guess I can see where you’re going.

    • Yah i wouldn't trust him

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