Missing my ex after three months?

So ended things with my ex in July bc I was getting tired of the sexual pressure + his dishonesty. He got mad because I didn't return oral when I told him I wasn't ready for that beforehand and he just became rude by calling me selfish and inconsiderate. He's not a virgin when I am, so I ended it to prevent future hurt because I know he would have possibly cheated. He told me he didn't how long he would wait. Besides the sex issue, he was lying about small things, which started to bother me. We only saw each other like once a week because of my school plus my mom.

He did message me in the beginning of August where he asked me, "hey how are you?" I ignored because it was 2 in the morning. Plus he saw me at a concert two weeks prior where he gave me the cold shoulder and came with a girl (they flirted, as I figured this was his new girl). This was after a month of the breakup. Hurt me so bad. When I didn't respond to the text, he then texted me that he would delete my number since I didn't reply. That hurt me even more. We dated for 8 months, and I opened up to him in many ways.
I've changed my makeup, have continued to work out, go out with friends. Haven't met anyone, and I feel like there's a void. We used to hang out all day, laugh, watch movies, talk.
I blocked him on everything besides Snapchat. Yesterday, I made my story public for the first time in two months and he viewed every Snap, which made me kinda happy because he got to see my change. I think about him almost everyday. I don't know.
Missing my ex after three months?
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