Should I fight for my ex girlfriend (i know this space is for girls but I truly need an advice, thanks)?

we broke up 2 months ago, we were together for almost 4 years, when she broke up with me she told me to stay in contact at first we were still in contact but nothing seemed to be going anywhere, so after 3 weeks or so, I applied NC. ( I clearly told her it was not out of pride just needed to heal) then 3 weeks later she called me, asking how i was doing and wanted to talk with me. i have to say that the reason why we broke up was because i took her for granted so she felt un-loved and confused, she always showed a lot of love and was a great girlfriend. then, she started to show more interest, she talked to me on facebook, asking how i was doing again. she showed some interest in hanging out together with friends. last week i asked if i could stop by her workplace and drove her home. it was a nice conversation and the next day she texted me that it was nice to see me. the poblem is that we haven't spoke about the break up and she talks about us in past tense. 2 days ago i happen to hang out with her cause she is my brothers boyfriend. but my brother left and she spent the whole afternoon with me talking. she is leaving the country for 6 months in 1 month and a half (which was a plan that we had together in the first place) so i dont know what to think or what to do. very confused. help please?


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  • you're just going in circles with this girl.
    This is a toxic relationship.
    You need to cut ties and block her.
    There's other girls in this world


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