Ex cheated on me, I told his wife and she told him everything?

So long story short, I found out the guy I had dated a couple of months actually had a wife. At first he told me that he was just using her to get a citizenship and that he didn't even love her and she was giving him a citizenship in exchange for him helping her with her drug problem.

I broke it off and told him I would tell her. He said not to because he was scared that she would end up doing something drastic because she had an addiction. He threatened to ruin my life if I told her.

I found her on Facebook and messaged her. Come to find out they had been dating 7 years and she wasn't aware of the "deal" he claimed they had. So I told her every single detail. I told her I didn't know about her and I went so far as sending her our text transcript that proved what a cheating scumbag he was. She wanted to meet and we set up a time.

He came to my house later that day and tried to embarrass me in front of my family by calling me a slut and a bunch of ridiculous accusations like me giving him an std.
She sent him screenshots of the messages I sent her.

She later apologized for sending them and said that she only did that to hurt him. And to finalize her divorce.

She keeps messaging me asking me for answers which I already gave her. And she keeps asking if we can meet. I don't really trust her after she showed him everything. What should I do?


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What Guys Said 2

  • I'd tell her "I just want to put this hole thing behind me now and move on with my Life." Then stop responding to the text messages and if necessary block her.

    Truthfully she my think your the one that ruin her relationship with him. And not him. I'd keep my distance. Meeting probably won't end well.

    • She stopped messaging me. I told her I wished her good luck and I was out of it now.

  • What a fucked up situation really.

    • I agree :(

    • I really don't know what to say or advice. At least get away from those 2 fucktards lol

    • Yeah they can figure out what to do with their marriage. She's an idiot if she stays.

What Girls Said 1

  • meet her and tell her how you feel. say look I trusted you this is what he did. my next step is the police. what else do you want from me. I believe I have done enough.

    • Well I gave her all the proof she needs to make a decision (the text history) and I suggested she look through his phone to find the answers. She could be crazy so I think I'll just not meet up lol

    • Good call lol

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