Do I give up on a guy who expresses no emotion?

I've been with this guy almost 2 years and it drives me crazy that he expresses almost no emotions with me. Before we oficially got together and early in our relationship I though he expressed his feelings appropriately, but he doesn't anymore. He says he wants to get married, he just doesn't have money for a ring. But I also see him message girls telling them they look good, but these aren't things I hear from him. I'm so torn on what to do because I love him and his family, just don't love some of the things he does (or doesn't do).
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What Guys Said 1

  • Communication is critical. He fails at this.

    Dump him.


What Girls Said 2

  • Tell him how his behaviour makes you feel before you end it. Then make your decision based on his response. If he does genuinely love you, then he'll make an obvious effort to change , because he wouldn't want to put himself in a position to lose you , and he wouldn't want to act in a way to make you feel unloved or unwanted by him.

    If a guy gives his time and attention to other people , but not to you then that clarifies your position in his life. If he still displays no emotion and doesn't express his feelings after talking to him , then it would be best to re-evaluate your relationship with him.

  • Confront him if you really are thinking about marrying him. Do you really want to be guessing his true feelings forever?

    • I have confronted him, all I get is "I'm not arguing about this right now" but we never end up talking about it.

    • The next step would be an ultimatum. Tell him you are discuss it because it’s important to you and your future with him. Express how much it hurts when he doesn’t have emotions. Make him hear you. I dated a guy for years with out emotions and it drive me insane.

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