How do you split up with someone?

... who is really controlling.


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  • Sounds like you're making the right move, being controlling is such a waste of time and insecurity from the controller. Anyway, simple meet at neutral location (if you think he/she is going to become physically abusive) or just somewhere that you can talk. State your case, stand firm that you are deciding to split apart. Being that he is controlling he is more than likely going to tell you he will change and promises to make things better (the bit of insecurity of being alone now and you being single), but you have to stand your ground, say what you have to say and if you want to give him the option to say his last words, then turn your back and walk away.

    • That seems so easy!! :( x

    • I'd take someone you know with you, if you go to a cafe or something they can sit at another table. That way you're not ganging up on him but you have someone there if you need them

  • Don't waste your time talking. Just tell him you're moving on, and after that, ignore him.


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